Seascapes and landscapes

Painting is, and always has been, my first love in art. I work in oil and cold wax on canvas, and I use the local coast as my inspiration. I love painting both expressive landscapes and also semi-abstract and in particular find the colours of the half light at dawn and dusk especially inspiring, the pinks and oranges make my heart leap.

I have always painted in oils, right from my Slade art school time, I love the richness and depth of the colours. In the last year I have discovered cold wax as an amazing medium for oil paint, it adds extra layering and textures which really help to create a sense of the history of the painting and its passage of development. It is a very stable medium and has the added benefit of accelerating the drying time of oil paint. 

Please do get in touch if there is a particular Helford scene that you love that you don't see here, I'm always up for a commission discussion! Nothing gives me more pleasure than the joy of seeing my painting on someone's wall, and the joy it can bring them too.