A winter pink swim in the Helford River

£ 695.00

Painted on Arches Huile paper, with a deep pink ground, protected with a clear wax coat, mounted on board and framed with a St Ives tray frame in white wood which measures 8cm. 

This is an amalgamation of the skies and colours over the last few weeks. December means tones of soft pinks and apricots and steel blue skies and seas. Utterly gorgeous and soul uplifting. I am obsessed with the sunrise, sky and river reflections, and feel a loss if I miss my daily swim at Grebe. The feeling of floating in the cold looking up at the changing colours as the clouds sweep over and the sun rises makes you feel that everything is right.

This oil painting is 35 x 35cm and the frame 8cm. I love it next to "Baby you're a firework, Grebe", both celebrating the different pinks, from the cooler baby pink with blue you see before sunrise to the warmer blush tones with orange as the sun peeps above the horizon. Both paintings together would be £1300, please message me.