Call of the creek

£ 695.00

Painted on Arches Huile paper, protected with a clear wax coat, mounted on board and framed with a St Ives tray frame in white wood. Also available in a pair with "Take me to the river" for £1295 (message me for this offer). 

Two abstract Helford landscapes that have been inspired by the moody winter dawns and dusks. “Call of the creek” is definitely rooted in dog walks by Scott’s Quay, listening to the curlews singing their distinctive song as they flit overhead. The further up the Helford you go, the more you feel you are travelling back in time, as the river narrows and the river bank closes in with its ancient woodland that meets the water’s edge. There are so many creeks that come off the main river, their watery paths disappear around headlands to join the main river, the light catching them as they bend their way out of sight.