Seize the day


This painting is currently on show at the Penwith Gallery in St Ives as part of their Associates Show from February 2nd to March 2nd 2024.

This piece is about that moment in the morning when, if you are up early, you get that euphoric feeling of possibilities. One of the reasons I love a dawn walk or swim is to experience that rush of endorphins that the colours of sunrise seem to stimulate. On a cold, sunny winter morning, the light makes the colours sharper and the sea shimmer as the sky turns from pink to blue. I really love this time of year down here in Cornwall, it is quiet and on a sunny day it feels like paradise. I used a strong alazarin crimson underpainting as it gave the edge and vigour I was looking to capture paired with the steel blue and dusky pink. This is one of the trees that lines the road from Durgan to Grebe and the first glimpse of the bay is always framed by a tree. 

This painting comes framed in a white wood St Ives moat frame of 8cm, making the total outer dimension 53 x 53cm.