Calm on the creek

Painted on Arches Huile paper, protected with a clear wax coat, mounted on board and framed with a St Ives tray frame in white wood which measures 8cm.

This painting will be part of the St Ives Society for Artists Spring Open and on display at the Mariners Gallery until 7th June. Please contact the gallery if you wish to purchase this painting at The Gallery Manager <>

One of my favourite places to sit and watch river life. I love capturing the reflections in the water, where the colours merge and combine and you see hints of the river bed as well as the overhead sky. This particular stretch of the river has a distinctive bank which sticks out and marks the bend in the river, often you can see herons and curlews perched here. I love the way the light gleams off the water in the distance, giving that focal point for meditation. The trees on the foreshore had a magical aura, their bare branches caught golden glints in the February sun. A classic timeless Helford scene. It is another in my collection of “Light fantastic” paintings. 

If you wanted to buy any of my Light fantastic paintings as a pair the price would be £1300, or for three paintings £1800, please message me.